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March 28, 2012, early in the morning, Guiseppe Campaniello drove from his home in the hills of Emilio Romagna, to the tax office of Bologna. There, in his car at the parking lot, in front of the building, he set himself on fire. Because of the financial crises he was not able to pay his fiscal debts any more. <br /> Tiziana Marrone, Guiseppe`s widow, was unaware of her husband`s financial woes."I think he believed that all his problems would disappear if he was gone," says Tiziana. She shakes her head. She is not angry at her husband."Giuseppe was afraid of everything. It`s inconceivable that he set himself on fire. It wasn`t suicide but an act of protest. Everyone in Italy knows what`s wrong; we can`t pay our taxes, there`s no work, but no one is doing anything about it. We need help from our government."<br />