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My name is Sheetal. My husband died eight years ago, when I was 32 years old. I got married when I was 17. I have got three children: my daughter Preeti (21), and two sons: Prashant (20) and Rohit (19).When my husband was alive we were a happy family. He died as the result of a cardiac problem. We live in a poor neighbourhood in Delhi. In two small bedrooms we eat, sit, pray, sleep, cook, work, wash and bath. When it rains, it poors inside. After the death of my husband I did not receive any help from my inlaws, with whom we are living in the same house. They live behind that curtain, we share the same hallway, toilet and entrance. They have not spoken with us since the death of my husband`. We may not have much to eat but it makes me proud that all my children are able to study. Fortunately Prashant receives a scholarship from a sponsor since 2003. It is my struggle in life to ensure that my three children receive a good education. It is a tough life. I make clothes for others and work hard for my family. In the future my children will be taking care of me`.