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October 2019: 31 oktober presentation of the book That one dilemma, personal stories about moral dilemmas at the work floor. I made the portraits commissioned by ARQ kenniscentrum Oorlog, Vervolging en Geweld en het Veteraneninstituut. 

August 2019: 3 augustus: presentation about storytelling for the summerschool of  The Dutch Photomuseum; how the images of Ed van der Elsken inspired me. 

May 2019: Presentation of the Indonesian cookbook `Smaak van De Sawa`  with my photographs. 

March 2019: 2 maart t/m 6 mei 2019: Exhibition Indo, Indië, Indonesië, seen through the eyes of Generation NOW
Het Nutshuis, Den Haag. 

May 2018: presentation of my photobook: `The Widows of  Rawagede, witnesses of the decolonization war`
Uitgeverij: Amsterdam University Press. 
Television Reportage NPO 2, 2 september 2017 19.03 - 19.54: `The police actions, a better word for war`, with a short interview with me, shot among my portraits in the exhibition `De Weduwen`. 

1 April - 1 September 2017: solo exhibition `The Widows` in the National Militairy Museum in Soesterberg

December 2016: Publication in the magazine `Onderzoek Uitgelicht` by Nationaal Comité 4 and 5 mei, The Widows of Rawagede and Sulawesi (cover). 

22 November 2016: publication in NRC Handelsblad, photo`s of the widows of Rawagede and Sulawesi. 

October 2016: `Volem Pensions Dignes`, (film 18 min.) about Spanish widows protesting during 15 years very month to achieve better widowpensions for all Spanish widows. In cooperation with filmer/photographer Marjoleine Droog. Based on visits to the widows between 2011 and 2016. Presentation of the film to the widows in Barcelona at the 15th vanniversary of the protests: Oktober 25th, 2016.  

October 2016: book Renbaan Duindigt Wassenaar, a photobook by Suzanne Liem commissioned  by Arie van Bellen, member of the boadr of Renbaan Duindigt.  

Augustus 2016: interview with Indië veteran de heer De Looff: videoproduction (20 min.) in cooperation with filmer/photographer Marjoleine Droog. 

April 2016: Het Vrijheidsboek by Nationaal Comité 4 and 5 mei, by Esther Captain and Maarten Dallinga, with portraits by Suzanne Liem.

Oktober 2015: journey to Sulawesi and Java making portraits and interviews with Widows of Sulwesi and Java.

April 2015: magazine `De Doden tellen`  by Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 mei: Renske Krimp, portraits Suzanne Liem  

10 - 12 december 2014: solo-exhibition `The Widows of  Rawagede and mister Saih` in museum Volkenkunde in Leiden (in cooperation with the Koninklijk Instutuut voor Taal, land en Volkenkunde KITLV, on the occasion of their seminar about Rawagede). 

April 2013 - 2016: shooting of the film `De Vlaggenisten van Delft`. Work in progress.

Juli 2012: publication NRC Next (coverstory) about a in Italië, text by Eefje Blankevoort of Prospektor. 

2011 -  : potraits for magazine `Onderzoek Uitgelicht` by Nationaal Comité 4 and 5 mei.


- Exhibition Kermis in de Kunstkop, together with René Jacobs. Vernissage Sunday April 21rst, from 2 p.m. . Exhibition until May 11th. Nieuwe Langendijk 10, Delft.


- Juror of the NCRV Photography Award 2012, together with t.v. presenter Joris Linssen, radio D.J. Sander Guis and photographer Rogier Veldman.


- June 2012, Photographer of the month at the website of Bousie Lawyers in Amsterdam:


- April 9th 2012: Indomania 4: showing of my work of Rawagede at a manifestation in Amsterdam.


- October 6th - November 3rd 2011: `Alzheimer`s disease`, DOK Delft, Vesteplein 100, group-exhibition with 3 of my photographs. Book available (free: promotion for the awareness of Alzheimer`s disease).


- Juror of the NCRV Photography Award 2011, together with presenter Jacobine Geel and Radio D.J. Sander Guis.


- August 23rd 2010, three pages in national Newspaper Trouw: photographs of and interviews with `the widows of Rawagede` and mister Saih.


- May 28th 2010: introduction of the book `Mix, jongeren in Nederland` about children from parents of different cultures.

Mei Li Vos and Ramsey Nasr will receive the first issues at the University of Amsterdam at h13.00.

A project of Forum; instituut voor multculturele vraagstukken. Photographers: Suzanne Liem, Ting Chan, Koos Breukel, Morad Bouchakour, Venus Veldhoen. My series: Obama Kids, about children with one parent with a light skin and one parent with a dark skin, `Just like Obama`.


- January 2010: Series at de Achterpagina of NRC Handelsblad `Brothers and Sisters`.


- Summer 2009: Blue houses near the Train-station of Delft; Black and White portraits of (ex)-inhabitants of the

Van Leeuwenhoeksingel who must move out because of the building of a traintunnel. A project together with photographer Frank Diemel, of Plaatwerk Fotografen .


- July 2008 - ... Exhibition Van Waay & Soetekouw, Markt 17 Delft

VW&S will show 5 large photo` s from my collection, chosen in cooperation with Gert Batenburg , owner of VW&S, and his team.

Van Waay & Soetekouw: The place to be for Italian design furniture in The Netherlands,


- March 4th - March 8th: Workshop Magnum in Oslo with David Alan Harvey.


- Permanently: mega-presentation project `Gouwe Kinderen` in Rotterdam Oud

Charlois, (Gouw kids in the Gouwstraat).


- December 2006 - January 2007: exhibition `Meme` in the Slotervaart

Verpleeghuis Amsterdam. This exhibition was opened by mrs. Gerdi Verbeet,

the President of the Dutch Parliament.


- November 2006 Nominee for the 16th Award of `The Photographers Association of the Netherlands` (PANL) 2007.


- Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2006, Leeuwarden The Netherlands,

10 September t/m 29 Oktober 2006.


- Indomania: Exhibition in Galerie Serieuze Zaken Studioos of Rob Malasch

From 23 September untill 15 November 2006

With: Peter van Dongen, Claude Vanheye, Willy Jolly, Suzanne Liem, San Ming, Maurice Boyer, Andy Tan.


- Group-exhibition Sotheby`s Amsterdam, May 31st - June 7th 2006